5 Great Basement Renovation and Remodelling Ideas

Planning to remodel your basement brings you countless ideas and options with over a thousand features you can choose for this project. It can be difficult to decide the feeling you want your basement to have. It is one thing you need to have a slight grasp on before you begin to design and remodel the basement of your dreams.

Listed below are our top five great ideas for basement renovations for 2018 that you can consider:

Movie Room Renovation
Something to satisfy the whole family, a home theatre can help you escape your daily life and get lost in the world you select on your television. A place that can host girls movie night in, game nights for the gentlemen, and educational television time for the kids. Whichever you choose, a movie room is a classic selection for designing a finished basement.

Finished Wine Cellar
More suited for parents than children, a wine cellar design can give you a space to forget the worries of your day and taste great wines from your collection with good friends. If you find the space is too small for a full cellar, you can choose to install a wine rack. This choice will bring you, and fellow lovers of good wine, the favourite recreation addition.

Man Cave Ideas
Why drive to a local bar or pub, when you can transform your own man cave? Again, built to satisfy the parents more than the children, you can entertain your guests with a pool table, big screen TVs, a bar or pinball machines. This will the the place for you and your friends to hang out and enjoy the inviting space for drinks with the boys, girls’ nights, or even a romantic evening.

Home Gym Remodel
Driving to the gym not only burns gas, but it costs money for monthly subscriptions. You can remove all of those obstacles by having a gym built in your own home. Adding up what you spend on subscriptions to fitness centres, you can use that money to invest in your home gym. You will see the room begin to take shake with the essentials needed to start including a yoga mat, a few weights, an elastic band and an exercise ball. Adding more equipment is always possible to allow you to build the full home gym you’ve always wanted.

Some of the things you can add to complete the space include a small refrigerator to store bottled water, a wall-mounted TV to show fitness videos to inspire you throughout your workout, or a large mirror to watch the changes to your body as they happen. The possibilities are endless and are all dependent on what you envision your home gym to look like.

Throw on a pair of sneakers and some sweats, and begin designing the gym you’ve always wanted.

Elegant Laundry Room
If you’re feeling crammed in the tiny space you currently have to do your laundry, you can design a laundry room full of functionality and elegance. Though it does take a few more steps than other choices for your basement, the fixtures, plumbing, tiling and more will ensure the noises made by the washer and dryer are contained and won’t travel to other rooms in the home that are frequented more often. To lessen foot traffic in the laundry room, you can have a laundry chute installed to make it easier to have all dirty laundry go to the right place.

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