Bring Your Finished Basement Ideas to Life!

No matter what your dream basement looks like, we can help you bring that to life. We have many ideas for finished basements to help you get your imagination reeling if you don’t have a picture in mind of what you want aside from practical storage space or more living space. Let the pros at Rideout Contracting help turn your basement renovations into the one you want.

Basement Renovations

We can give you a beautiful living space, offering comprehensive options to help make your basement support a wide range of activities. Rideout Contracting basement renovation services, the number of ways we can transform your basement into more than just bare walls and cement floors include:

Recreation – creating this the hangout spot for your family by adding a theater, gaming area, full bar, and much more.

Fully Functional Living Space – transforming your basement into a full apartment with bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, bedrooms, and other elements, both functional and decorative to make this living space inviting and feel warm.

Sauna and Workout Space – Rather than driving to the gym, we can help bring the gym to you, right in your basement. Adding things a sauna, bathroom, and shower, shortening the list of reasons to not hit the treadmill.

Offices – With an office in your basement, you can work from home and spend more time being close to you family, no longer missing out on your family’s precious moments.

Basement Finishing

We know at Rideout Contracting that choosing the perfect finishing is the start of every great basement. Offering a list of comprehensive services that will turn your unfinished basement into a comfortable, clean, and well-lit living space, including:

Drywall Installation – This step is labor-intensive. We will give you a smooth, finished look with drywall taping and sheetrock installation. Well-versed in the proper techniques and methods, we only used experienced drywall hangers.

Painting – Have your stress melt away with our package deal of complete services that include painting and priming the difficult areas such as baseboards, casing, moldings, and ceilings.

Flooring – Our renovation packages include the price of premium laminate flooring, with the several flooring options available.

Plumbing and Electric – With professional electric and plumbing services, your basement will truly be a living space. Equipped with the knowledge and expertise, the best solutions for your basement finishing will be brought to you by our licensed plumbers and electricians.

Basement Bathroom Renovations – Regardless of the size of bathroom you desire, we will help you by providing services for total basement bathroom renovations, so you will no longer have to wait in line for the bathroom in your own home.

Basement Bedroom – Our technicians will be with you every step of the way to help you design an entire basement bedroom that you’ve always wanted. There may a list of things to consider, including a bathroom also in the space, or closet space.

At Rideout Contracting, we can help you with all of this.

With the ability to create additional living space, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a kitchen space, you can increase your square footage, home value, and the livability of your home with an affordable finished basement. Let the contractors at Rideout Contracting help you find the finished basement ideas that work for you and your family. Contact us today for your free, no obligation finished basement quote.

We want to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

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