Replace The Spark With A Fireplace Renovation

There is perhaps no other element of home design that has quite the appeal and emotional pull of a fireplace. Whether it is hanging stockings by the fire, gathering with friends and family in the fire’s glow in the evening, or even a romantic evening alone with someone special: a fireplace is an almost essential ingredient in many homes. But what do you do if your fireplace is not such a pleasure? What if it looks old-fashioned or out of design for your home? Or perhaps the glowing embers are not worth all of the messy cleanup or the inconvenience of hauling wood into the house. Then it may be time for you to contact your Rideout Fireplace Contractor for a fireplace renovation or remodelling quote.

Whether you are looking for a traditional brick or stone fireplace with a mantel for all of your family mementos or a sleek and modern fireplace in a contemporary setting, our contractors can help you design and create the fireplace you have always wanted (or maybe didn’t even know existed!) These are not your grandma’s fireplaces. Many incorporate lighting elements, built-in nooks for electronics, and amazing finishes from rugged to glamorous. Use your existing fireplace structure and let us help you design a fireplace renovation to remember.

No matter what your goals for your fireplace renovation may be, and no matter what budget you have in mind, we can design a fireplace remodel that you’ll love.

  • Fireplace Refacing: If budget is on your mind but you’d like a new look for your fireplace, you can replace just the stone surface surround. For example, replacing a drab brick or slate with a rich, beautiful marble can give your fireplace a brand new and very upgraded appearance with minimal outlay.
  • Gas Fireplace Remodel: Do you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace that you would like converted to the convenience of gas. Do you have an older, inefficient, and possible even dangerous gas fireplace that is in dire need of an update? Or do you have an out of date gas fireplace that just doesn’t warm the room it’s intended for very well? Gas fireplace technology has changed dramatically in the last decade, resulting in more natural looking, and efficiently heating, gas fireplace logs, ember beds, and fireboxes.
  • Electric Fireplace: There are many options for electric fireplaces today that can add beauty, efficiency, and convenience as well as being quite economical. Since they do not require a chimney or a gas hookup, an electric fireplace can be used in an existing fireplace for added convenience or can create a new focal point with minimal structural adjustment. In addition, they can be used for ambiance only or paired with their heating element to create safe, convenient, and economical heating in any space.
  • Stone Fireplace: Whether your taste runs to natural and rustic ”like river rock or slate” or sleek and sophisticated ”like marble or onyx” nothing says opulence like a stone fireplace. Say goodbye to the old standard brick. There are so many options and so many moods to be created with the many types of stone available, whether as a simple surround and hearth or extended to create a full wall, floor-to-ceiling focal point. And with backlighting and inserts, you can create designer looks and full functionality.
  • Corner Fireplace: Looking for a fireplace to fit into a small space or as a unique design feature? Whether wood burning or gas, corner fireplaces can give instant beauty and design interest while also making a chilly porch, finished basement, bedroom, or kitchen more beautiful and functional. Let us help you design the fireplace that enhances and enriches any space in your home.
  • Custom Fireplace: What are you looking for in a fireplace? Exceptional beauty that fits with your design? Extraordinary functionality, perhaps in a kitchen or outdoor fireplace? Something truly unique an one-of-a-kind as the focus of your inspired home design? Whatever your space requirements, whatever the look you long for, and whatever will bring your vision to life, our fireplace contractors can help you design a beautiful, functional, and attention-getting custom fireplace.

A fireplace is one of those unique elements that can be both amazingly decorative and eye-catching and fully functioning and efficient. It can take a room from ho-hum to glam. It can turn a little used, drafty space into a warm and inviting one. If you are ready for a fireplace repair, replacement, or renovation, this would be a great home improvement project to discuss with your Rideout Contracting. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote and let us help make your space a little more comfy and cozy.

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