Interior Painting Can Be A Pleasure

Remember the last time you undertook a painting job? Perhaps you thought you would save money or time by house painting yourself? By the time you bought drop cloths, painter’s tape, brushes (then bought better brushes because the cheapies left bristles everywhere), plus primer and paint, your little home improvement project was starting to look very pricey. Then you end up back at the store for more paint (because you didn’t know how to estimate what you would need and those cheap brushes really waste a lot)!  You quickly realize what a headache painting is and what a hit on your wallet this project can be!

What if we told you that house painting can be a pleasure when you leave it to the painting pros at Rideout Contracting. The professional painters at Rideout will schedule your painting project and complete it with the utmost in care. Our quality painters give you what you just can’t find in a weekend warrior project. Our painting contractors ensure that your home painting project, whether a small project like a fireplace or powder room, or a larger, whole-home interior paint job, is completed professionally and with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Are you interested in a trendy, magazine-ready look, a bold accent wall, or neutral backdrop for an upcoming home sale? We have the high-quality paints and tools of the trade. Our professionals ensure that your project has the designer look and quality finishes you expect and desire. We even help you choose paint colours and finishes, taking into account the space, the look, and the budget you are going for.

Rideout offers a variety of professional painting services to meet your home improvement and decorating needs:

  • Wall Painting: Our interior or exterior painting services ensure that the single most important feature in any room, the wall color, is applied with the right paint product and the right appearance. Additional variety can be achieved by selecting to paint trim work in complementary or contrasting colors, for an even bolder designer finish.
  • Painting and Decorating: Painting can create many different looks in a room, from classic neutrals to bold contemporary looks. Accent walls, chair rails, wainscoting, and more can be used to update and upgrade a room or a whole home. Many real estate professionals say you may want a neutral color applied throughout the house to attract buyers. Or maybe you’re even looking for exterior painting to freshen up your home in order to sell?
  • Painting Ceilings: There is nothing that makes a home look fresher and more up to date than a fresh coat of paint. And this goes for ceilings as well. If your last paint job didn’t include the ceilings and other out-of-the-way elements like closets or trim, it might be time to give these areas the attention they deserve. In addition, if you have had water or storm damage, we can ensure that your ceiling repair is perfectly blended to look like new again.
  • Faux Painting: We can create faux painting effects just like those you may have seen in magazines or on home improvement shows. These can be especially effective as backsplashes, accent walls, or in small spaces like powder rooms or guest baths. Or perhaps a beautiful faux painting effect in a child’s bedroom would be just the thing to take that space from good to great.

Your home is the biggest investment you make. Don’t trust your next painting job to just any handyman. Call the professionals at Rideout Contracting today for your free, no obligation quote.

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