Create a truly relaxing space, free of mosquitos.

The presence of mosquitos in our outdoor living spaces can drive us indoors.

With the application of Mosquitos Barrier by Rideout, we can take back our backyard sanctuary. This chemical- free natural spray eliminates mosquitos in three ways:

  1. Kills off adult mosquitos
  2. Repels new mosquitos from your property
  3. Eliminates mosquito larvae from standing water

Scientifically tested, Mosquito Barrier uses concentrated garlic juice with natural sulfates to ensure a mosquito-free environment. The solution is applied to all grassy areas, keeping mosquitos away from your yard and home for up to a month.

This inexpensive, natural alternative to pesticides will not harm humans, pets, plants or bees and 
has been approved by Health Canada for repelling ticks. Rideout can efficiently apply the 
barrier to your grassy areas in record time and with a smell undetectable by humans, this easy solution can give you back your outdoor oasis.

Call Rideout, so you can retreat to a breath of fresh air.

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