Motorized Electric Awnings

Do you find yourself looking out the window at your patio and wishing you had more shade from the sun? With our Aristocrat electric motor awnings now you can. A simple click of the remote control and start enjoying your back deck. It’s that easy. Just grab your shades, a cold drink and start spending more time outside. As a bonus, there is also no more manual cranking. Outdoor living just got easier.

If that isn’t enough to get you to be a customer, you will be amazed at the number of options you can choose from when it comes to pattern, sizes, accessories. We want you living the good life. Each one of our awnings is manufactured to the specifications in our warehouse. Here is some insight to our most popular questions.

  • Can I leave my retractable awning up all year?
  • What happens to my electric motorized awning on a windy day?
  • Can my electric awning fabric be replaced?
  • Why buy an Aristocrat electric awning?

Can I leave my retractable awning up all year?

You absolutely can keep our awnings up all year round. The motorized electric awnings are water resistant which means they can resist most water but are not entirely 100% waterproof. They also can handle snow. We highly recommend that your awning is retracted in inclement weather that for best results.

What happens to my electric motorized awning on a windy day?

Our motorized electric awnings come with anemometer wind sensor that is attached to the front bar of the canopy. The sensor measures how much movement is in the awning, and once it hits a specific threshold, it will retract automatically on its own. You can now stop worrying on whether or not you have left the awning out on those windy days.

Can my electric awning fabric be replaced?

Absolutely. The fabric on all of our awnings can be replaced when and as needed. We keep your orders on file, so we already have the measurements and everything ready to go should you want a different colour or something happened to your fabric.

Why buy an Aristocrat electric awning?

If you are looking for the best protection available, then you want one of our aristocrat awnings. Each of our awnings is built with the same reliability that they have been since 1946. Aristocrat awnings are recognized as experts when it comes to design, product, installation, and reputation.

The quality of awning that we will deliver to your house is second to none. We stand behind them with our strong manufacturer’s warranty, limited lifetime warranty on the frames and 12 years on our Northport fabrics.

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