Cool Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Aristocrat Awnings are known for more than just the shade. Installation of a retractable awning can provide many benefits to your home and comfort. These awnings assist in the highest quality of Green home cooling. During a hot summer day, a single square foot of glass brings in more energy to a building that an insulated wall. You can receive reliable and affordable cooling options to your home after installing one of our awnings.

Passive and Efficient Home Cooling

No maintenance is required for the methods of home cooling retractable awnings bring to your home. With an experience that has lasted over 65-years manufacturing awnings, at Aristocrat Awnings, we offer the best quality awnings that provide comfortable shade outside while reducing costs of air conditioning inside the home. Decks and patios are neglected because of the glare and heat the sun brings. Awnings add not only a distinctive look to your home or business, but a prominent amount of shade that will let you enjoy your outdoor space once again.

Awnings for Home

Awnings efficiently cool your deck or home, and according to the University of Minnesota Centre for Sustainable Research, there are many benefits that awnings bring to you and the effects on energy across the globe. Those findings include the reduction of global warming’s impact from greenhouse gas emissions, peak electricity demand, and the gain of direct solar rays through windows. Buildings are more sustainable when awnings are installed.

Awnings for Windows 

Window awnings have incredible benefits. These include being one of the best defence mechanisms against the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing the high cost of consuming energy, and not disrupting your windows’ visibility. Windows help bring in half of the heat from the sun and are responsible for the greatest amount of energy loss in a home. An awning helps defend against both of those and looks amazing doing it.

Door Awnings

In addition to being good for the environment, door awnings protect you and your visitors and add a distinctive look to your business or home. Your doorway is protected from gathering ice and snow when built sturdy. You can create a custom awning to match the ones installs over the windows.

Being environmentally responsible is something that the University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Research is a major reason to add awnings to your business or house. The study states that mechanical equipment costs and peak electricity demand are also reduced by awnings.

“Reduced peak demand may also result in energy cost savings in the future if residential customers are charged high rates during peak periods. Another outcome of peak demand reduction is the overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to build new generating capacity.”

After each year, shade products pay for themselves in both the reduction of cooling costs and in-home comfort.

Reducing energy demand can have a long-term effect on the environment by reducing the impact of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions.

Awnings are Effective to Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Also known as solar heat gain, solar gain is the rise in temperature from solar radiation. The strength of the sun increases this, along with the radiation being resisted or transmitted by any intervening material.

Solar gain happens when short-wave radiation strike objects more transparently than longer infrared wavelengths that are re-radiated from the sun’s light. In the context of global warming, this effect has become well known as the greenhouse effect. Behind the glass of a greenhouse, this effect gets its home from the solar gain it experiences.

Retractable Awnings Work Best to Save Energy All Year

Even though retractable awnings have more benefits against the heat and the sun’s UV rays, they also keep your home warm during the during cold weather through retracting them and allowing the sun to fill your home or place of business.

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